Prints ready to sell at the PopUp Dorset exhibition starting tomorrow!


Been attempting to do the 'm' for the title of my blog and website but its taking a whhhhile!

I went to a plate painting place last week with my friend Kat and drew this handsome chap!

Been making a new London cushion today to use some of the amaze fabric i bought!


It's the start of July now and I'm getting very excited for the upcoming exhibition at Pop Up Dorset which one of my 'Criminal Baby' pieces is going to be displayed. Need to have some prints made to so i can sell them along with the artwork! 

Heres a link to the webpage! ... http://www.popupdorset.com/

Hannah :)


New portrait series on the go at the moment, looking to do few more too. In a way this is me ridiculing traditional portraiture. Haven't recently taken a little trip to the portrait gallery i was pretty bored by the repetitive expectation of every portrait. I like the idea of taking elements, such as the framing, from old traditional art and looking at them in a contemporary way! Enjoy!
Hannah x

Couple of trials using embroidery ring, felt and thick thread :)


My Final Animation for my recent project looking at the sensory journey on the tube.

Some observational drawings of people on the tube.


These are a few sketches done whilst i was in Barcelona, such a beautiful city! 


Final Piece

This is my final piece for the narrative unit project. The idea and images are based around visiting home and the routine meetings and greetings in a day. 
Tea with my mum in the morning, bumping into a neighbour, visiting my nan and having a catch up in the pub with a friend.
 I really wanted the production of the image to reflect the theme of homeliness and authenticity, hope you like :) 

Close up of hand-stitiching work one each quire of the quilt.


Narrative Project

These Portraits are part of a series that i have been doing for my new narrative project, it simply reflects my fondness of the day to day and routine of being back home in London.


secret 7 competition entry

this is me competition entry for the secret 7 vinyl cover artwork for bombay bicycle clubs 'Light Out Words Gone'