Couple of my Christmas card design. I like animals in human clothes.



Inspired by the massive amount of tea and coffee i have drunk today.


Article 5

Finished! This is the final article from this editorial project. So happy to be done! :) 

Article 4

Article about public sector workers going on strike and being replaced with people who aren't qualified for the jobs filling in :)



criminal babies


We had a guest lecture today with Illustrator, Mathew Richardson. His work was incredible but also the amount of thought and consideration about all the different elements that make a illustration work. Really Interesting lecture!

This makes me beyond happy...but also quite poor. :)

Hennie Haworth is one of my favourite illustrators at the moment. I love the way she mixes media and the origniality and naivity of her work.


Trying to make lots of little sewn and drawn illustrations like this and hopefully collaborating with some other illustrators off my course to sell to sell and make some moneys.

The two illustrations below are from a series of colour pencil drawings of criminals with babies bodies. I'll let you make of it what you will :)


Illustrations below are for a series of work I made for uni looking into social norms in this case in terms of age. Looking at whether or not 80 year old men should or shouldn't wear hello kitty crop tops....Fuuunnn.